7 Tips On Visiting Byodo-In Temple Oahu - Journey To Serenity

Byodo-In Temple Oahu

Do you have your heart set on visiting Byodo-In Temple Oahu? Situated within Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains, this iconic nondenominational Buddhist temple welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to enjoy the beauty and serenity it offers.

The temple was built in 1963 as a smaller scale replica of the 1,000-year-old Byodo-In Temple located in Uji Japan as part of the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. The original temple in Japan is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upon entrance to the grounds, you’ll see an ornate 11,000-square-foot temple surrounded by 2 acres of lush gardens, slopes, and koi ponds.

While there’s no doubt that the Byodo-In Temple will leave you awestruck, you may be apprehensive about visiting because you’re worried about planning and etiquette. Rest assured that the serene gardens and meditation niches throughout the temple grounds are easily accessible to both spiritually-minded people and curious tourists. Opening hours for Oahu Byodo-In Temple are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. daily and there’s free parking available.

Don’t spend another minute wondering about the best way to get to Byodo-In Temple. This list covers all the basics you need to know to plan an unforgettable visit to Byodo-In Temple Oahu. Let’s head to the Valley of the Temples!


1) See Byodo-In Temple As Part Of A Larger Tour

Do you really want to make the most of your time at Byodo-In Temple? The fun and time-efficient way to get to Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is to book a spot on a tour that includes this stop. That’s exactly what countless Oahu tourists do when they book multi-point bus tours with Aloha Circle Island Tours.

We’re proud to offer a full-day tour that leaves you with plenty of time to take in the views and vibes at Byodo-In Temple without planning your entire day around the ride. Our tour features 16 points of interest that will be explained in detail to you by our talented, passionate local tour guides.

In addition to bringing you to Oahu’s famous Buddhist temple, this incredible all-day experience features stops or passes at:

  • Diamond Head Lookout

  • Kahala

  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

  • Halona Blowhole

  • Eternity Beach

  • Sandy Beach Park

  • Makapu’u Point

  • Makapuu Lighthouse

  • Byodo-In Temple

  • Waimanalo Beach

  • Mokoli’i Island

  • Kahuku Farms

  • Oahu’s North Shore

  • Kahuku

  • Laie Hawaii Temple

  • Tropical Farms

  • Haleiwa

  • Dole Plantation

  • Green World Coffee Farm

While there’s a lot packed in, you’ll never feel rushed! Various portions of this 10-hour adventure offer ample opportunities for picking up keepsakes at gift shops, sampling locally grown and locally made products, and taking incredible photographs and video footage. Bringing guests from point to point in a luxury bus, this tour is perfect for families, couples, honeymooning newlyweds, and single travelers.

Don’t miss the best way to see Byodo-In Temple! Let our carefully curated tour experience bring you to the Valley of the Temples.


2) Familiarize Yourself With the Byodo-In Temple Oahu Dress Code

You may be wondering if Byodo-In Temple has a dress code because it’s a religious site. The answer is that this iconic Hawaiian landmark doesn’t have an official dress code. However, it’s both customary and highly recommended that you dress respectfully when entering the temple. While you don’t need to dress formally at Byodo-In Temple, the general rule is to avoid wearing swimsuits or beach attire past the entrance.

The reason why rules for attire are on the lenient side here is that Byodo-In Temple is categorized as an inactive Buddhist temple. That means that you won’t find a monastic community dwelling here the way you would when visiting an active temple. While Byodo-In Temple is a spiritual place, there is no active worship taking place.

There is still one rule you won’t want to break. Visitors are asked to respectfully remove their shoes before stepping inside the temple!

Of course, what you wear isn’t the only thing that matters. Keep in mind that many people come to the temple to enjoy a meditative, spiritual experience. While you may be in a mood to chat with your fellow travelers or pose for photos, the people around you may be looking for solitude. A little courtesy goes a long way when it comes to respecting the “peace and quiet” of others during your visit.


3) Don’t Miss The Famed Lotus Buddha Housed At The Temple

The jewel of the Byodo-In Temple is a 19-foot Buddha statue covered in gold leaf. Known formally as Amida Buddha, the statue is housed within Phoenix Hall. Temple visitors are free to light incense while taking in this incredible figure. In Buddhism, incense is seen as a divine odor that can help to purify the mind of evil spirits.


4) Jog Your Brain While You Partake In A Little Bit Of Hollywood Trivia

It’s not just your imagination if you feel like the Byodo-In Temple looks a bit familiar. Hollywood has used the grounds here for filming in several notable movies and television shows. The list includes:

  • “Hawaii Five-O”

  • “Magnum, P.I.”

  • “Lost”

  • “SeaQuest DSV.”

  • “Pearl Harbor”

While Byodo-In Temple is a widely photographed and filmed location, it’s important to note that there are some rules about taking photos while you’re on the grounds. As a tourist, you’re more than welcome to document your time at the temple.

However, there are strict guidelines regarding any sort of formal or commercial photography. You’ll need to obtain permission ahead of time before engaging in any sort of professional photography on temple grounds.


5) Visit The Sacred And Cleansing Peace Bell

Also known as Bon Sho, the Peace Bell consists of a 5-foot-high, 3-ton brass bell that was made in Osaka, Japan using a mixture of bronze and tin under the supervision of the Japanese government.

Customarily, the sacred bell sounds whenever a person enters the temple to hear the teachings of Buddha. Its ringing sound is said to purify the mind of temptations and evil spirits.


6) Stop At The Meditation Niches

There are so many subtle spots throughout Byodo-In Temple that deserve attention. First, keep an eye out for the magnificent glass-front niches at Byodo-In Temple that provide sacred havens peppered with photos and mementos.

If you’d like to go deeper into solitude and meditation, find your way to the meditation pavilion nestled on a hill just behind the temple. The riveting structure is reminiscent of the fishing pavilions found in royal gardens.


7) Don’t Skip The Gift Shop

The Byodo-In Temple gift shop is located on the northwest portion of the temple grounds. A former Japanese tea house, the gift shop offers unique gifts and souvenirs that will help you to always remember the beauty and tranquility you experienced at Byodo-In Temple. Gift shop hours follow the hours of operation of the temple grounds.

Don’t miss the chance to bring home a keepsake that allows you to return to the peaceful mindset that this popular attraction evokes!


Plan Your Oahu Vacation: Add A Stop At Byodo-In Temple

Let us be your temple guide as you head to Valley of the Temples! Our all-day bus tour featuring a stop at this iconic landmark makes entering the temple easy because you never have to worry about parking.

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After providing hassle-free pickup right near your hotel in Waikiki, our expert guides will delight you with Hawaiian history and culture as your tour weaves through the beautiful landscape. You’ll even learn a few classic Hawaiian songs along the way! You won’t have to worry about the best way to get to this sacred spot located in the stunning Ko’olau Mountains.

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